I need help placing, changing, or cancelling an order.
Please call us at (800) 776-9326 Mon-Fri 8:30am-9:00pm EST or email us at
I’d like to gift different items to the same recipient in one order.
Perfect! All you have to do is pick a gift, choose a card type, enter the name of the recipient and add to your cart for each gift. After you’ve chosen your gifts, proceed to checkout!
I’d like to print multiple cards of my own.
We can do that! Make sure to select “Print your own” under “Choose Your Card.” Just add to your cart once. When viewing your cart, adjust the number, update, and you’re all set to checkout.
I am trying to use my password but can’t access my account.
With our new website, you’ll need to create a new account during checkout. If you’re having issues, please call us at (800) 776-9326.
I’d like to know more information about my orders.
With your new account login, you can find more information about your past orders by going to the “Your Account” page. If you are looking for information on orders using your old account or if you do not have an account, please call (800) 776-9326.
I’d like to navigate through the mobile site.
No problem! On your mobile device, click on the button in the upper-right-hand corner of the screen and choose where you want to go.
I’d like to cancel an order and get a refund.
Please call (800) 776-9326 or email to cancel an order or to request a refund. Please note we are only able to refund gifts made within the last 30 days.
Why can’t I send a mailed card directly to the recipient through your website?
In an effort to reduce our environmental impact and to increase the distance your dollar goes towards helping people, we no longer offer a mailed card option for Oxfam Gifts. If you’d still like a physical card, check out the print your own (PDF) option, or eliminate the paper entirely by choosing the eCard option! You can preview the eCard before sending to make sure it’s exactly right for your recipient.

Your gift supports Oxfam America, a nonprofit organization committed to ending the injustice of poverty. The gift items in this catalog are based on actual projects funded by Oxfam worldwide. By purchasing our charitable gifts, you are making a difference. Give gifts that do good.